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Forum Rules to be adhered too

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Thank you for following these rules, they help to ensure that all our members have a positive and responsive experience on the forums. Repeat violators of any of these rules may find themselves subject to loss of posting privileges, or even complete banning of their account. These rules are to be considered part of the MINOR LCV REGISTER Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these terms, then you must discontinue use of the forums immediately.

Remember that Moderators and Administrators have the final say on any moderation decision, including the right to close, rename, or delete any thread, or edit or delete any post, for any reason. While the action will generally be explained, this explanation is voluntary and may not be provided, even upon request. Remember also that just because a moderator has not noticed a violation does not mean that the rule is no longer valid, no longer being enforced, etc. All rules listed here (plus any at a moderator's discretion) are valid and binding.

Posting Etiquette

Step 1: Search and Research
First, search to see if anyone has posted the same question or item. If you have a question, search for relevant keywords. Look in those before posting. Don't resurrect old threads. If your search finds a relevant thread that doesn't answer your question, post a new thread, but include a link to the old thread as a reference.

Step 2: Choose where to post
Carefully choose which forum to post in. The correct one is the one that most narrowly fits the specific problem. Mis-categorised posts may be moved, closed, or deleted without further notice. Check the forum you plan to post in for any sticky threads: these contain common questions, information, or rules concerning that forum.

Step 3: Name the thread/Post your question
Choose a thread title carefully. It should be a super-short summary of the post/question. Ask your question correctly

Main Rules

1. No sexism, racism or abusive posts
Sexist, racist, or abusive posts shall result in punishment, with the severity of the punishment depending on the intensity of abuse. Racist and sexist posts shall be removed, and the offending user shall be banned immediately. Rude behaviour in your replies to another poster (especially those new to the message board) will be seen as abusive posting and will be punished.

2. No Post boosting
Those found to be flaunting this rule shall be warned. Unecessary posting, unecessary threads or random posts/threads shall be dealt with at the initiative of the member of staff exercising a context sensitive decision. Don't whine if you get warned for this. Sometimes people get away with it, but you likely will not.

3. No content that is sexually explicit
Genitals, and mutual arousal/stimulation images and Pornography in general is forbidden, and those who post pornographic content shall be banned, the length of this ban will be determined by the Admin Team. False links that connect to pornography which purport to link to a legitimate URL, will be dealt with harshly.

4. Use common sense when posting in any of the forums
The MINOR LCV REGISTER encourages laughter/humour amongst those who contribute, we do ask users to remain sensible when doing so. We ask users to respect other people’s opinions and beliefs. Posts can be removed at the request of users if deemed to be out of context for the thread in question. For this, please use the report post function, however the final decision lies with the Moderating Staff. The option is also there for those who want to exercise their right to keep their threads on topic, but it's also an option to let the banter flow if the original poster doesn't mind.

5. Be nice to each other
We will treat you in a civil, courteous and responsive manner, and expect our members to act the same towards us.

6. No text talk in posts
MINOR LCV REGISTER discourages users to use text speech on the forums. We ask users to remain considerate for those who read their postings. We ask users to contribute using clear English as they possibly can so all can understand.

8. Aliases
Each user is allowed one account. Any user found to have more than one account on the MINOR LCV REGISTER forum will be deemed to have an alias. The alias account will be banned and the admin/mod will decide what happens to the original account.

10. Problems or queries
If you have a problem or wish to have any of the boards rules clarified, please contact one of the Admin Team.

Other rules
• If you are going to bicker with someone, do it via private message, email, or instant messaging. There's no need to annoy everyone with it.
• No threads about other members.
• Don't post nonsense threads, +1 posts, or anything else with no semantic value.
• Don't hijack or derail threads. Stay on topic in help & advice threads, or any other thread of a serious nature. If you want to discuss a detail or offshoot, start another thread.
• Don't ask for replies via email or private message. That defeats the purpose of a forum, of allowing everyone to see the question and replies.

Enjoy the forums

We, as members of The MINOR LCV REGISTER are all here for our love of the Minor LCVs in general.

We ask that all users make an effort to get along together, and to enjoy the MINOR LCV REGISTER. If you have any suggestions or improvements to make to these rules, please contact a member of the Admin Team.

Russ Harvey
Minor LCV Register Historian
Freelance Motoring Journalist/photographe

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