Help needed pr a memorial service

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Help needed pr a memorial service

Post by RussLCV »

Can anyone help Tajinder please, feel free to contact me or Tajinder directly...….

Russ Thank you for returning my call .We are holding a special memorial service to honour my grandfather’s legacy on the evening of Saturday 3rd November at home in Camberley ( GU15 3UA) . He drove a distinctive white Morris Van for many years across London delivering textiles and clothes to various manufactures and warehouses in the East End . We even used his moggy as my wedding car in 1989 with myself and my cousins in the back . We are looking to source a similar car ( off white is fine ) which will be parked in my drive way for the seniors to see as they enter the house .

I wonder if you can ask your fellow enthusiasts if one could be sourced and made available for no more 1.5 hours on the evening of Sat 3rd November. We would of course be happy to make a contribution to charity of course .

I am certain that the seniors would be touched and moved at seeing my grandad’s Morris Minor van.; the two were simply inseparable until his passing some 15 years ago

Thank you for your kind support I shall try and locate some old photographs. I am happy to be contacted direct

With kind regards
Russ Harvey
Minor LCV Register Historian
Freelance Motoring Journalist/photographe

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