Happy Christmas 2019

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Happy Christmas 2019

Post by moggybrian »

Hello folks here we are again ,

another twelve month's gone by almost,
and what an eventful one for some of us!

Thankfully Russ is on the mend,

and going to surprise us with yet another one of his superb magazines,
.....Thanks Russ
always look forward to mine...... we must encourage him to carry on the good work he does.

We have had a year of loss... but we soldier on.

Can I say a heartfelt 'THANKYOU' to all you lovely Members who keep renewing year on year,

not forgetting of course all our New Members,

who we hope will stay with us in the hope we are doing our job right to encourage them to stay?

Can I say also a big shout out to all those who quietly organise our small & BIG events without so much as a moan
at all the long unpaid hours which bring in New Members from near and far.........thanks Guys and Gal's

Sub's have not gone up for 4yrs now and we hope that may continue, more on that after we meet up in the New Year 2020
when I was young we all thought it was the year of space travel Dan Dare and Digby (sorry young un's)!!!
they have no clue what I am talking about.
Enough of me,
so,.... all I will do now is wish all you lovely people:

Brian. 8-)
M/Ship Sec'/Treasurer

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Re: Happy Christmas 2019

Post by Plin »

Thank you for your Christmas wishes Brian.

May I also add my grateful thanks to all who keep our friendly club going - and wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. Image

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Re: Happy Christmas 2019

Post by AMD 69 »

Have a great Christmas and a great New Year from your metalshaping friend.

Cheers to all , Matthew, Petrina, David and Sophie.



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Re: Happy Christmas 2019

Post by bbennett »

Seasonal Salutations from across the pond form a now truckless Morris fan.
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Re: Happy Christmas 2019

Post by moggybrian »

you can do it !!
It is looking better already,
never give up,
Happy Christmas to all,
Remember....... if you want Russ to continue as editor,
and WE do, then send him in articles photo's anything LCV related,
we NEED regular imput,
it all helps to fill the pages ,
restorations, ,
stories about them, clean jokes ,memories, etc,
it is YOUR magazine, so, PLEASE!!!... help us to keep it a quality read!!
Russ can only produce this quality with your help,
so make it your aim in 2020 to submit at least one article per member,We know you can do it.
That will keep us sweet for 12month's or more.
Brian 8-)

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Re: Happy Christmas 2019

Post by frosty »

Merry Christmas to everyone here.
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lol ... sorry ~ not too many reindeer here in Australia :lol:

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Re: Happy Christmas 2019

Post by bigaadams »

not many reindeer anywhere with 4 ears...….forget about the spots....

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Re: Happy Christmas 2019

Post by les »

2 ears,4 ears, It’s the thought that counts—- Happy Christmas.

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