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Hello Guy's and gal's
had a scary few moments on Monday
oil light came on and stayed on,
so, the engine is tired!!
mains have always rumbled from new,
so, what's new on 1098's,
did oil change and filter,
light still on,
anyway,light then started to 'flicker'...still staying on ,
so,oil light switch,
who decided where to put that damned thing??
so got it out ,eventually, and got new one with a lovely big 'nut end' so tightened with socket,
BINGO,light out.

ends still rattling!! but 'wynns' does make a difference

today made a BIG list for 2019, all focused around doing "Ughie"
got new clutch (Borg&Beck)
off Andrew today, so, watch this space next year
I might even be able to do photo's by then!!
but, went onto that photo site...... is it me or is it complicated..............Russ need your help?
Brian. 8-)

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