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Sorry Guys and Gal's,
I have been absent for a few weeks it has been a difficult time for us as a family it still hurts,
Loss of friends and family at any time is hurtful and does not heal.,
but as you get older it hit's you harder,so, one and other,
as you never know!!
anyway I am back,
I can hear the moans and groans now.....ha!ha!
Firstly, I have handed over the organising of our event at Webb's, and as from 2020
Colly & Roy who you all know with Anne and Pete will be taking over...... PLEASE!!
support them like you have me since 2003 (believe it or not),
the format will be much the same but with fresh idea's and new blood.

I will still be there but I have begun to realise I am not as agile as I thought
and the last one 2018, (the rainy one), made me realise this.
'Garfy' has not been out since Webb's, as, since August our world changed,
'Ughie' the saloon is in hibernation should have been rebuilt now, oh well!
next year perhaps.
We have a new workhorse 'Rodney' the Focus estate, one owner, low mileage,
came just in time for
"the flat clearance" what a find first 'modern' car sine 'JJ'(jaguar) in 2003...... all those electronics!?
that's why |I love Moggies, so simple,..... alright I know I've gone on long enough.

Lastly before I go pin back you' andre lugholes look below.
look in on that site something of interest.
Look after one another everyone is precious.

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