Minor pick-up tail gate.

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Re: Minor pick-up tail gate.

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I agree it’s not something you can live with, most annoying As you can see from the recently posted picture for comparison, the blocks on your vehicle are higher than the tailgate hinge pins, causing the problem. Hope you can rectify it.

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Re: Minor pick-up tail gate.

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Hi,just a thought,could the hinges be too low? I believe the pick up has been recently restored.If the holes in the cross member were too low when fitted, new holes would have to have been drilled to allow the tail gate to fit.Perhaps clutching at straws, but if the rubbers are in the correct place the hinges could be wrongly fitted. Do the hinges look as though they are original?.................starider

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Re: Minor pick-up tail gate.

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ESM does show a large and small bumper block but it appears they only differ in how far they protrude from the hinge panel. They say the large goes with beehive lenses and the small with flat lenses. Makes sense.

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Re: Minor pick-up tail gate.

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I think Les has pointed out the problem >>>>> viewtopic.php?f=2&t=973

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