1967 van for sale at Charles Ware's

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Re: 1967 van for sale at Charles Ware's

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just to add to previous mail,
van in question has all it's "working" 'battle scars'
on it's original inner rear wheel arches,
and original scarred 2 piece floor
plus interior of cab is still in it's original factory colour
hold onto your seats as well!!
John the computer is coming tommorrow
to finish setting up this new PC, and,
will show me how to attach pic's,
SO, you never know!!??
watch this space miracles MAY happen
B 8-)

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Re: 1967 van for sale at Charles Ware's

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moggybrian wrote:Hello Guys & Gals
If that is worth that sort of money!!
what is a 90% + original 'signwritten' van worth?
and in "working" road legal condition,
with all it's written history & receipts from day one!?
Brian 8-)
As always, it comes down to what the buyer requires. For me, a solid van was much more important than the paperwork, things might be different if I wasn’t using it daily for work.

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