Key for GPO padlock.

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Key for GPO padlock.

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I've got the chain and a padlock used to secure the ladder on the rack on a GPO van.

[url=][img]htt ... .jpg[/img][/url]

However the key is missing from the padlock :( My local 'Master Locksmith' says they can't manage to make a key. First time they've let me down having picked the locks on a number of A/B boxes and other payphones and made keys for them

The GPO's 'Vocabulary of Engineering Stores' indicates that there was a range of keys. This padlock known as 'Padlock 2 inch' has the number 38 stamped on the brass bit just above the keyhole.

Has anyone, per chance, got a GPO padlock with the number 38 stamped on it that I could pay for a spare key to be made in the hope it'll open mine?

Any other thoughts of sourcing a key?

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Re: Key for GPO padlock.

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Looks like a fairly crude old fashioned lock from the outside, one that takes a "skeleton " key.
What does the key hole look like? In my younger years I collected keys and locks. Often I could find a key in the collection that would open a different lock with a little jiggling. Too much salt water between us for me to help you out. Maybe there is a key collector closer to you?

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Re: Key for GPO padlock.

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Wow lock is a rare find.... look up Locksmith Lawyer on U tube could help with key .... It’s amazing what he does .

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