"New" Van [or next project!!]

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"New" Van [or next project!!]

Post by starider »

Hi, I may have, in the past, mentioned that when in the motor trade I worked for a dealer for DAF cars[the Variomatic automatic transmission].Although there are quite a number of cars around the UK, vans and pick-ups are rare,there are only 3 of each model in the UK.
I have always wanted a van[I have a pick-up,used by no.2 son].Now I have one[since January 1st] which is now in restoration.
If anyone wants to have a look go to-- dafcars.proboards.com and find "DAF 33 Van Project". You'll recognise the Avatar.................starider ;)

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Re: "New" Van [or next project!!]

Post by Plin »

:D Oooh not sure I have even seen a DAF 33 van before! I believe my Aunt used to have one of the cars, many years ago, as it was easy to drive!

Have fun with your project!

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Re: "New" Van [or next project!!]

Post by Boxofbits »

Hi Starider

Love the new van project. Don't see many of these around if ever, but I do remember the DAF33 Variomatic from the 1970's, and really liked them. They were quite an innovation. (PS hope you don't mind me posting a photo of it..nice one!)
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