What goes here please?

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What goes here please?

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Afternoon all, I am currently restoring / fully rebuilding a 1971 Austin minor van, have had it in bits since 2014, and gradually I am getting there with it, mechanically its almost there, and also working on the cosmetic side aswell. What I would like to know please is what badges go on the bulk head where the 4 holes are? The correct vin plate which is Austin Morris Leyland vin plate is located on the passenger door and i know late vans and pickups had this located on the passenger door - so I know this is correct.
I am thinking that one of the badges would be the black BMC seat belt compliance badge but cant think what else would be located here. Has anybody got any ideas or pictures of their van/ pickup bulkheads with what they have on their vehicle?
Thanks in advance.
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Re: What goes here please?

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two plates on my '59 Morris US spec pickup. Trying to attach picture. Hole spacing looks a bit off. The lower plate was the VIN. Upper a generic info. The truck is gone and this is not a very high res pic. Sorry. Maybe Austin and home market were different.
Great to see some activity on the forum again.
US spec '59 pickup
US spec '59 pickup
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