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Chateau Impney

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Hello Guys & Gal's, :lol:
Spent a fantastic morning at the Chateau, :P
free piping hot free bacon sarnie and coffee :)
with 300+ classic cars and their owners
everything from 3 wheeler morgan's
to yankee iron from a WW11 army truck(I want it)! :(
50's yankee cruisers,to every classic vehicle you could throw a stick at,
my other two favourites were an S111 Bentley(late with 6.5V8 lump)
and an :lol: MG SB Ithink??
it was a 4dr sports saloon about 1930's/40's I would have
taken any, or all three home,
don't know were I would have put 'em though.Chris would not be well pleased I doubt. :twisted:
Can anyone help with this, :roll:
a guy left a note on my 'screen I will type it as he asked it below!!

"would you by any chance have a genuine new/old stock 'A' series oil pump with pin drive suitable for a 948cc"!?

If you can help him please email me as he has left his 'phone number.
Please use the 'runboard' more it is more sociable and more private. :cry:
Warm Regards,
Brian 8-)
M/ship Sec'/treas'

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