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Keep Calm & Carry On

Posted: Fri Apr 10, 2020 10:04 pm
by moggybrian
Happy Easter to all the LCV Family:
from Brian & Chris Mom & Ellie,
spent today on g/box painting and turned over re-built engine on bench
and if this weather and lockdown continue
I will be catching up on some long awaited workbench work,
but,have started to clear shed out for
foundations for new shed next Thursday,
parts found so far and only just got inside!
four rear doors for 4Dr (keeping 2 as they are off "Ughie")
two van back doors
+ 1 new (old stock) still in factory brown primer & light rust
also complete van drivers door with original painted frame in maroon B
& glass with brown door card winder and door handle.. was on my p-u
before it was scrapped...I know!!!!!
two saloon/van/p-u roofracks.... light aly I think?
1 x full length roofrack with mahogany slats (very nice bit of kit)
standard moggy wheels.... one with new tyre
possibly some 917's if I can find them
and that is just inside the door
will delve deeper into the gloom
over the w/e and let you know
most of it will have to go and no reasonable offer refused
as it is to subsidise the Jag'
anyone interested will have to collect
once lock down is over as we are 'high risk' wrinklies
Be safe and Well and "DON'T GO OUT"
Brian 8-)